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3 Steps to Maximum speed
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Sprinting on a High Velocity Treadmill

Most athletes look for quick fix gimmicks to build speed.  The reality is that you must learn to sprint at high velocities with great technique.   Sprinting on a high velocity treadmill ensures you are sprinting at the correct speeds, often going even faster than the athlete previously thought capable.  By doing this with an experienced coach on hand the athlete can receive real time feedback on their running technique and mechanics.

Get Stronger where it counts

By now it is clear that weight training is no longer just for the body builders and power lifters; however, it is important that the athlete build strength specific to sprinting and jumping.  BEAT utilizes its high incline treadmills, up to a 40-degree incline, to build sprint specific strength.  In addition to the high-speed treadmill work, BEAT also utilizes state of the art strength equipment, specifically geared toward top end speed development.  By using machines that eliminate momentum BEAT drastically increases the amount of work the muscles perform while equally minimizing the risk for injury.

Increase Rate of Force Development and better your movement patterns

BEAT utilizes the shock method of plyometric training to increase the rate of force at which an athlete can fire their muscles.  By taking advantage of the Stretch Shortening Cycle Athletes can maximize the development of their fast twitch muscle fibers.  While we devote a significant amount of time to speed and power we know all of the power in the world is no good if we cannot move efficiently.  BEAT’s dynamic warm-up is designed to correct inefficiencies and promote proper movement patterns.  


When you put these three steps together what you have is an athlete that accelerates faster and longer than before and an athlete that produces greater top end speeds with greater consistency.

Beat is the only program that has been independently studied and clinically proven to develop speed and reduce injuries.
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